chipKIT compiler for PIC32 MCUs

Project Description: 
The chipKIT™ platform includes 32-bit-microcontroller-based development boards and a software development environment that is compatible with many existing Arduino™ code examples, reference materials and other resources. The multiplatform IDE, known as MPIDE, works with existing Arduino boards as well as the PIC32-based chipKIT boards. It also includes a free, open-source chipKIT C/C++ compiler for PIC32 MCUs. Visit for more information on the chipKIT platform. This project includes a build script, designed to run on Mac OS X, that builds the chipKIT compiler for Mac, Linux x86, and Win32 for inclusion in the chipKIT MPIDE release. However, you can use the script to build a standalone compiler and you do not necessarily have to use it with MPIDE. The source for this project is hosted on To run the build script, follow the instructions given on the build script project page. [Build script] [Compiler toolchain] [Standard C Library (Newlib)] [PIC32 MCU Part-Support Files]
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Use latest script from github

I'd recommend using the latest build script from github rather than the attached copy.
[Build script]